We are Progress Engineering Services Pte Ltd

We've been designing and manufacturing precision parts for diverse industries and applications for over three decades.



We have been supporting Asia's most vibrant oil trading and refining hub since our inception. The result is a long-running track record in producing high-quality components for wide-ranging applications in onshore and offshore facilities that require demanding properties in strength and durability.


The semiconductor sector is fast-changing and lives on the cutting edge. That's where our refined manufacturing techniques for metal and plastic, ever-evolving stable of CNC machines, and keen attention to cost, scale and supply chain management, really comes together as that winning formula for our clients.


We have had extensive experience in manufacturing projects for diverse and multivariate applications, both industrial and consumer grade. A few niche products of note completed are railway signals, security and detection systems for aviation, antennae, sensors, and simulation and control systems.


There is no industry more demanding in quality control and low tolerances for error like the medical industry. Our client confidence in our experience is proof of our ability to produce medical grade products at scale that adhere to the highest quality standards and specifications, time and time again.



Choose us for our After 30 years, we've gotten great at what we do. We've manufactured everything from fan covers and flanges, to ledge hinges, reflectors...


Getting the best output possible requires the right equipment and tools. We're outfitted with market-leading CNC machines and the right people behind them.


You have specific needs unique to your field and industry. We work with clients from oil & gas, semiconductor, electronics and medical science.


High standards matter to us. But don't take our word for it. We're certified with international and local quality accreditations such as ISO and Bizsafe.


Block 3014A, Ubi Road 1 
#01-02/03 Singapore 408703


Tel: +65 6743 5433

Fax: +65 6749 0786


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